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Have your own drop shipping businessWelcome to my web site! You've probably arrived here as a result of looking for information on starting a home-based business or maybe looking for some specific information on drop shipping. I'm glad you've made it because I believe that I can help you out. Starting your own online drop shipping business is not only low cost and low risk, but it can bring you extra income and lead to lucrative self employment...and you don't need special skills. To achieve the financial security you want, you need to have multiple streams of income and drop shipping is one avenue of doing that. By opening your own online business and drop shipping your products, you may just find what you've been looking for. You'll find many free articles, free advice, suggestions and great resources that you can use to start your own e-business as a drop ship reseller or a stockless retailer.

Who Is This For?

Generally, anyone who wants an extra stream of income. Specifically (off the top of my head), college students who need income to pay their tuitions, stay-at-home moms (a full-time job by itself! I know; my wife is one) who want to add to the family income, an up-and-coming entrepreneur who is looking for a full or parttime business, an elderly couple who is finding that their medicare, social security, etc. just isn't making ends meet. The list can go on!

Let me state right here and now, that the information on this web site is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

In fact, I believe that using the phrase "get rich quick" is an insult to any intelligent, thinking person. I need to get a couple things out of the way right away; a couple negatives so that we can proceed to get on with all the positives. Outside of winning the lottery, there is no easy way to make enormous amounts of money virtually overnight! Don't believe the people who tell you different because all they want is your money and I downright detest those who attempt to prey on others! This is a business, like any other and it'll be what you make it. Never be gullible in anything you ever do. Research it, be skeptical and take only what you find is true and helpful and work hard at it. It will pay off!

Searching for Wholesalers on your own?  A word of warning....


Next, the Search Engines are overwhelmed with fake 'wholesale drop ship' and 'wholesale products' sellers. These fake suppliers pretend to be a wholesale distributor, but are really just a fake wholesale merchandise scammer that is known as a Middleman. There are others that call themselves "Dealer Networks" of "millions of brand name products". They are lying to you. They make their money by getting in between you and the real wholesale distributor, charging you falsely inflated prices. This means your business makes less money.

There are also a lot of absolutely worthless lists and directories of so-called 'wholesale products' and 'discount wholesaler' companies advertised on the Internet. They look real. They promise you instant success, 'guarantee' that you'll be among 'the small percentage who will succeed', then they take your money and leave you with useless misinformation. Learn more about drop ship scams and fake distributors....

Alright. That's what you should be aware of and watch out for. Now, onto the good stuff....

Owning your own e-business brings an enormous sense of freedom to your life. No mortgaging your house to get started, no overhead, and especially,
NO BOSSES! You are now in control, call the shots and the days of slaving away, making money for someone else can become a distant memory. Find your passion, do some research, apply a bit of elbow grease and have fun at what you do! If that sounds as good to you as it did to me, read on....

Alright, What exactly is a "stockless retailer?" and what is "drop shipping?"


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