Become a Drop Shipper
Sell on Amazon, eBay, and through your web site! No inventory!  Sell products from 1000's of merchants and let them take care of everthing!

What Is Drop Shipping And How Does It Work?

What is Drop Shipping and Stockless Reselling?

In a nutshell, a stockless retailer has a virtual, online store that sells products, but has no warehouse, carries no stock and does not ship. Huh? Let me explain.

By participating in a way of doing business called drop shipping, you can make money selling products that you may never even see in person. You start out by learning all you can about doing business online and how to go about getting things rolling. You then find that you want to sell blue widgets (something you've researched and discovered would be in high demand). You find a drop ship company that deals in blue widgets. You make a deal with them to sell their product online. You set up a web site (or work through Amazon or eBay), and list the products, their descriptions, pictures and prices. Your web site lists each blue widget as costing $35.95 plus $6.00 shipping. Now, the warehouse/drop shipper will sell you blue widgets for $10.95 each and ship it out for $6.00. You post the web site live on the Internet and do some marketing. You're all ready to go!

You get a customer who finds your site and is very interested in your wares. He purchases a dozen blue widgets at your list price of $35.95 each. Through the merchant account you've set up to take online payments securely (PayPal is a great example), that money plus the shipping goes directly into your bank account. You in turn take the order and pass it along to the drop shipper. He charges you his cost plus the shipping and promptly ships the blue widgets to your customer. The customers receives his package and is a very happy camper!

To sum up, you charged $35.95 x 12 plus $6.00 shipping. The drop shipper charged you $10.95 x 12 plus $6.00 shipping (which you passed along to the customer, so it cancels itself out). You just made a profit of $300.00 and can now take your wife on that wonderful overnight trip to Vancouver, BC on the Victoria Clipper (I live close to the Seattle area, obviously)!

Throughout this entire process, you never saw a blue widget and never touched a box. Not bad for a $300.00 profit! Now, imagine doing that daily, many times over and over and....well, you get the picture.

​For those of you wanting to sell on Amazon, eBay, and the like, drop shipping is a perfect solution for offering other companie's merchandise!